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Friday, July 31, 2009

Who sang better in the song Nothing better? Khun(2pm), St. Day, Seulong(2am) or Jonghyun(SHINee)

We've seen 2PM's Nichkhun, 2AM's Seulong, and Shinee's Jong Hyun perform Brown Eyed Soul's 'Nothing Better' before. This time, let's switch it up and let rookie artist St. Day give it a go! Check it out:

St. Day's version:

**credit - Mardi09**

Khun's(2pm) version:

**Credits - 2pm**

Seolung's{2am) version:

**Credits - music3chick**

Jonghyun(SHINee) version:

**Credits - fudgecandy**

Please cast your votes located on the above right hand of the page and choose who sang better. I know that there are more 2pm and shinee fans out there but considering the skills of some other singers will be much appreciated.


Kawen-chan said...

St. Day, Seolung and Jonghyun was a tough one to choose the best, They're really good. But as I have tried listen from each video and compares the 3 over and over again. I finally decided to vote for 2AM's Seolung.

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