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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Natalie White: known as Pumashock in YouTube. You Go Girl!

My Inspiration for my goal is none other than Ms. Natalie White!! It was a shock for me to see and hear such performance singing Korean songs. It was really a very good sign that its really possible to learn Korean. Because I was being introduced by my friend to a website that teaches Korean language and It was very hard learning that way. By looking and listening to the videos and covers of Ms. Natalie White, my goal in learning Korean language and going to Korea can be at reach in the future. I was inspired by the songs that she remixed like Nobody by Wondergirls and other korean songs which she remixed it and made it more comfortable to listen to. Also she sang Gee by SNSD which is an acoustic type of it and it really sounds good, plus she really did a much better video with her smooth and angelic voice. Below is the example of the song Gee from SNSD.

But with that song, there was an issue about racism that I saw on YouTube. The issue talks about Kim Taeyeon being a racist. And it also talks about the reaction of Ms. Taeyeon on the video about Pumashock's remix of their song Gee. The video of that is shown below.

It was then that its really so obvious for her to react in that way. But for me, not by being judgemental or what, is that I can't conclude that she is being a racist or what, maybe for some reason it was just merely a misunderstanding because we all know that showbiz has full of intrigues that are mostly from misunderstandings. I really can't say about me being against to SNSD or being a Pro Natalie in this kind of issue, I just don't want anything to get this issue big. I'm just stating my side on what I reacted on such. And there is nothing wrong with Ms. Natalie Brown's Remix of Gee.

Anywayz, I also saw some videos that Ms. Natalie was being featured at the Star King Episodes. I was like having total "whaa~!??" to that. You are very very lucky to be there!!! Being with Nichkhun ~! And others. In that episode, Ms. Natalie was really very nice and jolly. I envied her actually but because of her hardwork and talent that was clearly shown on YouTube (which was VERY OUTSTANDING) that led her to be a guest in that show. Well, me and my friend are planning to have some performance like dancing Nobody from Wondergirls and hoping that we will going to take a video of it and upload in YouTube. Ayee~!

All I can say for Ms. Natalie White a.k.a "Pumashock" is that YOU GO GIRL!! Pursue your dream and I will support you. And you know that I was really VERY much jealous about you because you were featured at Star King and met Nichkhun-oppa~! I hope that I can also meet him. Thanks for an inspiration Ms. Natalie. Keep going forward~! Fighting~!

*special thanks to YouTube for the videos and Pumashock for being my total inspiration. *

Hansel and Gretel: the Korean Movie

Hansel & Gretel (2007) Pictures, Images and Photos

Cast:Eun Won Jae, Hae-Soon Park, Jeong-Myeong Cheon, Ji Jin Hee, Kyeon-Ik Kim, Sim Eun-Kyung, Yeon-Nam Jang

The title seems to be like your normal Fairy tale story, but after I saw the movie, it was like a new type of genre of fairy tale. The movie was being shared by my friend when she was chatting to me that she was watching a horror movie and I asked for the title and I was in my blank state by seeing the title 'cause it seems to be like there's no horror in the title. I got the link that my friend sent to me.

I watched the movie and it's intro is somewhat creepy. The guy was in the middle of the rainy road while he was talking to the phone from his girlfriend who is pregnant and they argue about on how could a guy leave a girl with such state, and the girlfriend hung up and the guy watched his phone not knowingly that he's driving and he saw something in the road and try to avoid it then *poof*. The car was out of control and there was screeching of wheels and the car was thrown off a cliff. The story begins there. He was awaken by the light that was carried by a girl and the guy followed the girl that led them to a house that is very magical. The house was very charming like it was a haven for children. Their were 3 children and 2 grown-ups( Mom and Dad ) that was living in that magical house. They are so weird that even me really was being scared if I will encounter such behavior. The guy stayed in the house for that night. Then he was awake and eats breakfast together with the family. They really act weird. The guy bid farewell and tried to find his way out to the forest but then he realizes that he was just keep coming back to the house. With that, the guy stays for like 5 days in that house which is really full of creepy things going on. The ending of the movie was a dramatic one which I really cried. It was a happy ending for the guy and the children living in that magical house.

To sum it all up, this movie is a Two Thumbs up for me. This movie really moved me though its creepy but it has a very nice ending. Which is that I really recommend to all of you to watch and see it yourself.

If you want to watch the Movie. Just Click here

Til here. still watching some movies that kills my boredom. ~!



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tantra: Fair game?

A very question for some tantra players I've met ingame. It's also a question for me.

I really wondered if it was really a fair gameplay for us tantra players. At first, I liked the game because I leveled up fast and I can reach the goal in reaching max level. But then as time goes by, the game seems to be or should I say a corrupt one because there are implemented rules in game that all cheaters that are being banned can be unbanned by paying 500 pesos. I can say that it's very unfair for us who are playing fairly in game. It is very very much unfair. Some of the players quit because of that what they call "Amnesty program" in which, as I said earlier, that all banned characters will be unbanned when paying an amount of 500 php, which is really unfair. With that implemented program, I just absorbed it and think that it will not affect my life playing it, but as I played it for a long time, I reflected somehow that why am I wasting my time and money playing this kind of game that it's pretty obvious that it's not totally fair, as like as my friends who are telling me to quit playing tantra because it has poor quality, not-that-so popular game anymore. And also, I observed that every thing can be done FAST when you have "Taney"(points in php like load), like GM's will entertain your problem but not that really as fast when you have what you call "Taney". Thankfully, with that, I really now quit for my own sake that it really bothers me so much that i'm playing such game, no offense with those who are really still playing it but I really had a hard time quitting.

And now I quitted this game, somehow there are regrets why I quit because there are some friends of mine in game always buzzes me through Yahoo Messenger that we will going to have leveling sessions and I really got jealous of some of my past party mates are now in their max levels. But I can't help it but to quit. Now, I'm focusing myself on how to focus my life into a very meaningful life. I'm not really saying that this game is not good for everyone but this is just my own view on what I can say about this game. No offense to those who are offended. Well, this is it for now. I was typing like im so tipsy. I just came back from an "inuman" session with a friend. I will not tell 'bout that because that's another story to tell.

'Til here. Ciao~

Nickhun and Minho together in a Show called Idol Army

Totally!! That's the perfect term for Nichkhun.


He is one of the Best Cute guy I've ever seen since 3 months ago. hehehe. Because it was like 3 or 4 months ago, I was like into Minho from Shinee because of his Flaming Hot Charisma and Sexy dancesteps. Thanks to my very good friend Kawen-chan for introducing this Cute guy to me.

According to what i've heard and seen on websites about Nichkhun is that he is half thai and half chinese. I couldn't believe that Khun actually is not a pure bred korean because of his appearance but it is actually the truth. As what I have seen on youtube, Khun is quite popular. I saw him first at a show called Star King which he imitates some expressions which is very Kawaii~!! It was then that I fall for his cuteness. After watching that video, it came like it was an addiction to watch every video that Khun was featured. The video that I REALLY like was when 2pm and Shinee were the guest in some show call Idol army which is very quite unusual because in that show, in the group 2pm, they must choose whom they will give their flower to one of the Shinee, while Shinee was show off a song or dance and dedicate it to one of the 2pm group. The funny thing on that vid is that when it was Nichkhun-oppa's turn to choose and I was shocked that he knows how to dance the Replay by Shinee. After dancing he then gives the flower to Minho, and to that I was really shocked! Like I was super shocked that my mouth opened and so speechless then I giggled like i'm going to be crazy or something. Like it was really a coincidence that Nichkhun choosed Minho for which the two are my favorite and most admirable guys. I didn't saw that one coming. After that giving of flowers, the host saw that there is some kind of spark happening around them and the host actually gave them a challenge or I don't know if it was a challenge because the two of them was going to Wink at each other. It was like the Very CUTE ever Wink i've ever seen! It's so CUTE that I really have to laugh or roll or shout like "gaaaahh~!" Whew! To shorten all this, that episode was really was the best i've seen, and the cutest, in my life where two of which I admire the most was in one show.

Here are the links of the episode where SHINee is the guest in their show.:

Idol Army Episode 14 Part 1
Idol Army Episode 14 Part 2
Idol Army Episode 14 Part 3
Idol Army Episode 14 Part 4
Idol Army Episode 14 Part 5

Nickhun Minho Pictures, Images and Photos
The Wink of my Two crushes!! Ayee! Kawaii~ !!!!!!

Well. . this is it for now. hehe. and for that. . Nickhun-oppa Fighting~!!!

Another Boring Day

Whew! Another boring day has come. It doesn't seem that my brain are working well now because its still 8:00 a.m in the morning and for me its still very early to wake up. I was hoping to watch some videos on Youtube but boredom still strikes me back. Our friend wants to watch a movie later but I think I don't have money to "avail" but I will try my best to go. For now, I'm thinking of making some blogs, like what I am doing right now, to wear out these Boredom that somehow, which is very effective, lessens it. Hoping and wishing that these day will going to be a "not-so-boring day". Till here. Ciao~!