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Saturday, August 29, 2009

2pm Cosmopolitan Cover

Here are some pics i found at some site.

Hope You Like em ^_^


Just only 2 pics 'cause I'm still browsing for some new pics.

G-Dragon's New Look. My View!

Well here is my point of view on what I can say about GD's new look. Well Here it is. . . It's so freakin' HOT!! Super! I love his new look. He looks like Near from a popular anime Death note. Where Near is a very cool detective who only discover the killer behind the killings using the Death Note used by Kira.

Anyhow, GD is so cool on his new look. His song Heartbreaker which first i saw from youtube really rocked me on. It really surprised me that GD was that a hottie. Like I am not that a Fan of GD but like i'm so turning into one. But I will still be a Fan of 2pm of course 'cause I love them first and GD is my second. Ahihihihi~! ~♥

As for GD, I want his style to be like that forever. Even though I am not a fan but for me as a kpop lover I will also love him as a fan but not absolutely a totally avid fan but a normal fan who idolizes him. ayt~♥

Here are some pictures of G-Dragon's new and hottie look. ^_^
**Credits - Lucy Miao @ soompi**
Gotta love em all~♥

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

G-Dragon Heartbreaker Full MV

Here is the Full MV of GD's Heartbreaker

uhmm. actually i'm not an avid fan of GD but i found the MV nice. GD looks like Near from the Anime Death Note which makes him really cool. Also the apple used as props really looks like from Death Note. Well anyways GD is really really cool from his new MV.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2pm Nichkhun Photo updates @ Star King Aug. 25, 2009

Here are some Photos taken during Star King Episode. Hope you like em like I do. ayeee~♥

**Credits - x. suki and Janin @ soompi and Onedayroom**

Though it only show Nichkhun's back but it still sexeh and hawt. hehehehe~♥

Nichkhun awarded as PR Ambassador @ Thailand

Nich was awarded for as Tourism Authority of Thailand's PR Ambassador.

Recently Nichkhun was awarded as PR Ambassador at Thailand. I think Nichkhun is worthy of being awarded of being a PR Ambassador of Thailand. He was awarded because of the Song "Let's take a break", a CF Thailand commercial where Nichkhun was being featured on one of the nicest spot in Thailand.


**Credits - Janin @ soompi and Osen**

Well, as for me, Nichkhun is very very worthy for this award. He is like the very suitable for the award. Go Nich and Congratulations. ~

Monday, August 17, 2009

2pm Nichkhun's photo updates

Here are some pics i just saw and i really wish to share this for those who want Nich.

Can't help myself spazzing out while putting it here though so here it is.

And a pic of Nichkhun with Maknae Chansung. ~♥
**Credits - Chan Rak Khun and Rebec @ soompi**
I'm just beginning to put myself now back to reality because I'm really spazzing out here. *gaaaah*

Like I love the first photo like hell yeah~♥

Update!! August 31, 2009
Last Summer Pool Festival ~♥
**Credits - kaylee @ soompi**

Special performance of 2pm @ Inkigayo.

1st part:

2nd part:

I was just surfing my way to Youtube while I found these videos from 2pm. I was really shocked by the performance actually because they performed the songs from other singers like JYP and Bi-rain. I was really laughing when I saw the 2nd part of the vid. Like the song Forever ( I don't know who sang that but it's good *two thumbs up* ) where they were all wearing white and Nich was in a swing made of flowers where he was really cute there! Also the others like Wooyoung ( which is very Kawaii there ) and Junho ( which is more Kawaii than Woo. *keke* ) and also Jae ( which is like not suitable for the song xD ).

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Official Hottest 2pm t-shirts


**Credits - eija @ soompi and onedayroom**

Here are the hottest official t-shirts from 2pm. Hope I can get some of those. Hoping hoping and very hoping.

Go 2pm~! Hwaiting~ ♥!

Friday, August 14, 2009

2pm on Music Bank August 14, 2009

2pm on the comeback. Still have those flawless moves yeah!~♥ Love the 2pm still~♥ More power to them. Esp to Nichkhun my oppa. ayee~♥ hehehee. but still all of them did a good job. They still have my support and heart. nyahahaha~♥