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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

G-Dragon me2day update

잘자고있어요?전이제스케줄끝나서들어왔어요 정신없는한주∼;
가호는항상이리도편하게두다리쭉뻗고자요 맨날..개팔자가상팔자라더니ㅡㅎ
오늘은모두굿밤되시길 안녕 스윗드림★
**Credit: 미쁨@bbvipz**

"Are you sleeping well? I just finished schedule. It was a crazy week~; GaHo always sleeps comfortably and is stretching his two legs...they say that a dogs good fate is good for fortune - haha I hope you have a nice night, bye and I wish you sweet dreams! ★"
**Credit: stardaisy212 @ soompi**

Ayee! Cute dog GaHo~♥! Wanna have that! like planning on dog-napping it but i know its bad. nyahaha! GaHo Love~♥ love posting G-Dragon's Pic update~♥. ^_^

Monday, September 28, 2009

G-Dragon Heartbreaker English cover

**Credit - ashilia4life @ youtube**


A yo! finally! Is this what you’ve been waiting for?
brand new J.D! I’m all by myself
your my heart breaker DJ. Its still me
Let me take this solo

I won’t give in to this no matter what, Still there’s a part of me beating inside
You are the one whose been breaking me down, dead dreams, lost heart
If it’s for you, my body will fly now, will rush to be by your side now
However when I come around you say goodbye now

And why is it that you, don’t even want me now
You tell me that your fine but I look in your eyes and they give you away.
But even if I give you one more chance tonight
I Hate the way you stare at me those eyes could start a fight

*No no
your my heart heart heart heart heart breaker
It felt so right What did I do wrong
Your my heart heart heart heart heart breaker
No way no way

Hey Girl, I said that we are thru, Yes Im really leaving you
To see if you can live without me

Cant you cant you cant you see, this is not how it should be
Your My heart’s tragedy no way

Its all the same every day, telling me that ive changed
But you just better shut your mouth
Until you know what your talking about girl
And Now I’m out of control, I hate to be all alone
However when I come around you say goodbye now

And why is it that you, dont even want me now
You tell me that your fine but I look in your eyes and they give you away.
But even if I give you one more chance tonight
I Hate the way you stare at me those eyes could start a fight

I’ll still still be there (you never pick up your phone)
I’ll still still be there (youre leavin me all alone)
But you dont even care (that we are nothing now but )
I will still be there

Lets work it out girl,its been so long
We used to, we used to be so strong
Why dont you care when its plain to see
Hey! Your heart is all I need

Your my heart heart heart breaker breaker
Your my heart heart heart breaker breaker
H.e.a.r.t. breaker no way
**Credits - airatotzkie @ soompi**

Well I was just browsing some of the post @ soompi then i found out this English cover of GD's Heartbreaker. Well the video is not that HQ or HD but I really find the video good. The singer is good at singing and he sang well the song actually. It's really like from the Original song but only in english. Hope you like it~♥!

G-Dragon Heartbreaker T-shirt for sale!!

GD Heartbreaker T-shirt:
- Type: Short T-Shirt
- Color: White / Black
- Size: unisex Free Size
- Price: 32,000 won
- Where: YGeshop
- Pre-Ordered: September 29
- Shipping Started: October 9
Product Preview:


Well I really love those heartbreaker shirts! Like I love both the colors. If I have a chance to buy them I will really buy them! Well it's so very unfortunate that I cannot buy them. I think this will like only be limited and it will be sold out very soon because there are so many GD fans that want to have this shirts. And if you want to buy then order now. It is now located at YGeshop. There is the information above the photo.

**Credits-GDCL @ soompi**

Saturday, September 26, 2009

G-Dragon's Pic Spam overload and me2day.

GD's me2day update.

Cute dog! ayeee! must have that kind of dog too. Well i have 3 dogs but they are not as cute and adorable as this one. Ayee~♥!

Well here are some pic spam overload for you guyz.~♥

Actually i'm having a crush na on GD. I don't know why but his charm caught mine. It's like spreading to my entire system devouring every piece of it. I'm too overreacting but it's what I really felt. But hey, this is a free world, I can express the way I want. Nothing can stop me from having a crush on him. Well I have many crushes so it's not a big deal.

Love GD and most of all Love G-Daragon. ayee~♥! i'm falling onto their Love team.~♥

Nap Mats on Sale!

Still having problems looking for those perfect little school supplies for your babies? Here are some of the choices you want to choose from. I know some of the parents are having a bad time looking for what's best for their children. Some only just pick and buy not knowing the amount or the quality of each. Here are some of the supplies that are very suitable for children.

First on the line are the Nap Mats. These nap mats are very much suitable for toddlers. It is made of fine soft blankets that is good for toddlers. It has many different types of colors and styles so there is no hassle in choosing what is good for their children. Having this mats can make your child sleep very well without having any problems.

Next is the stephen joseph quilted backpack. These bags are good for toddlers. As you can see it has very bright colors and it is made of 100% cotton. Children will really love it because it has very nice designs and colors. Still they make problems from parents hassle-free. It has friendly pictures on it like animals and not that so bright colors.

Last on the list is stephen joseph backpack. Cool bag that are suitable for children. Well it has plenty room for some things for your children. Good for those children who brings a lot of things at school especially some projects or assignments and others like big books and notebooks. You can also personalize it by embroidering your child's name on it which can make it look cool than ever.

Well this are all I can suggest for all those who want good kind of back-to-school supplies. It's very cool where I want also to buy one for me even though I don't have any siblings that are still little. But all I can say is it is very very cool for children to have these.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Antis of Jaebum[2pm] are going Overboard!

I had recently surfing through soompi where i found this link that antis are going overboard!

Antis can be a bit vicious, but this is way over the top.

It has recently been revealed that 2PM's leader Jaebeom will no longer be on Nodaji and will stop all activities until his Myspace controversy clears. But apparently, that wasn't enough for angry netizens. Some antis wanted him to quit show biz altogether, some wanted him out of 2PM, and then there are those antis just wanted him to disappear...

...And thus, a petition titled "Jaebeom Should Commit Suicide" was created on Agora, one of Daum's portal sites. Over 3000 people have signed this petition, leaving comments such as "Go back to America", "I'm disgusted by you", and "Jaebeom will be the next Yoo Seung-joon" before it was taken down on September 7.

But things seem to be looking up, because another petition entitled "Please Forgive Our Jaebeom Just This Once" on Agora replaced the other hate-filled one and has gained over 6,000 signatures in two days.

All I can say is, I truly hope that things work out for Jaebeom. He even released a heartfelt apology to the public about this controversy. This kind of hatred is too bitter and no one deserves it. If you wish to support him, there's an online petition going around. Also check out the 2OneDay Forums.

Credits - allkpop

I found this statement that the antis are really going to their highest level of their anger. So super that they want Jaebum to commit suicide. Like Whoa?! Are they for real? Like for that some comments on MySpace? And they want that to the leader of 2pm? Who are they? Like are they like the one who created Jae and wants to kill him and tell him to commit suicide? That's insane!

All I can say for all the antis are GOODLUCK! Goodluck for what they want to do to Jae but I always pray and wish that they will not succeed on what they want.

And for all the Hottest who supports our boys especially to our leader Jae, keep on spreading the love and Keep the 2pm fever alive. Don't let the antis get on our way. Let them make all the troubles they want. And as far as I can imagine its like the Hottest fans have more people than of the antis. They don't stand against us Fans.

Love 2pm! Always and forever! Hwaiting~!!♥

2pm Leader Jay leaving the group.

Leader Jaebum of 2pm already left 2pm last September 8, 2009. It was like so shocking that the leader was really leaving the 2pm. Like it was only for one simple message. The netizens of Korea really are that judgmental. They really make Jaebum leave the 2pm. Only for one God damn message and all of the anti's really gave a whole total reaction of it. It is so Unfair! So Freakin' Unfair! Why do they react on such kind? Like HELLO???????????? Super duper HELLOO?!?! Is it that super big to come up with super duper reaction? Jaebum's message was just only natural. Like its super natural that even all of us Humans will experience that. It's just that all of those who opposes 2pm only just reacted SO MUCH that leads to this situation. As for JYP's message, it's also good somehow bad but I think JYP's decision is not that valid for me. Because he did not do good to make Jae not leave the group.

I only said what I had felt for our leader Jae. It,s so unfair for the 2pm. Super! Hoping that Jae will come back to the group coz without him 2pm is not 2pm. Well its not that over for the 2pm because they still have some other members like Nichkhun, Junho, Junsu, Wooyoung, Taecyon and Chansung. They are still part of 2pm. As for the hottest fans, don't lose hope. Let's pray that Jaebum will come back because we will miss those hot body and his not-so-fluent korean language which is so funny and i love him for that.

TO continue in supporting our leader just go to this site. HERE

I will support 2pm no matter what. Go 2pm! Hwaiting~!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Insulated lunch tote and other back to school items.

Having problems buying some good stuffs for your toddlers in coming back to school? Here are some products which will make your toddler more eager to come back to school.

First is the insulated lunch tote. This product is for putting lunch boxes of toddlers. From my toddler years, I had been using this kind of product but not the same as this one. When I saw the design, I was like really amazed by the designs and its colors. For sure toddlers will like to eat on what's inside there lunch totes. As for me, thinking as a toddler, I will really love to have this lunch tote and I will be very excited in going to school to show my lunch tote to my classmates.

Secondly is the toddler backpack. It's like the only thing in school that can make a student a student. Backpack is the primary thing to bring for a student because it can carry many things such as notebooks, pencils, pens and anything a toddler likes to bring. Also they can bring toys to share it with their friends at school. As for this bag, it has a variety of colors and designs. This Designs and colors of each bags can bring more of like confidence to the toddler to be at school because they have this nice and cool bag. It can also increase their self-esteem to go to school. The bags has very nice colors. For me, having this bag really makes me a toddler once again.

and Last but not the least is the nap mats. This item really is such a set for the toddlers. With this, they can sleep without any interruption in waking up. The nap mats are really comfortable which is consist of cotton with a ribbon trimmed, soft, fleecy blanket. There is no problem in washing this mat because you just remove kid and pillow, then toss the rest on the washing machine, it's that simple. Well the design is simple and really so comfortable for the kids.