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Friday, September 11, 2009

2pm Leader Jay leaving the group.

Leader Jaebum of 2pm already left 2pm last September 8, 2009. It was like so shocking that the leader was really leaving the 2pm. Like it was only for one simple message. The netizens of Korea really are that judgmental. They really make Jaebum leave the 2pm. Only for one God damn message and all of the anti's really gave a whole total reaction of it. It is so Unfair! So Freakin' Unfair! Why do they react on such kind? Like HELLO???????????? Super duper HELLOO?!?! Is it that super big to come up with super duper reaction? Jaebum's message was just only natural. Like its super natural that even all of us Humans will experience that. It's just that all of those who opposes 2pm only just reacted SO MUCH that leads to this situation. As for JYP's message, it's also good somehow bad but I think JYP's decision is not that valid for me. Because he did not do good to make Jae not leave the group.

I only said what I had felt for our leader Jae. It,s so unfair for the 2pm. Super! Hoping that Jae will come back to the group coz without him 2pm is not 2pm. Well its not that over for the 2pm because they still have some other members like Nichkhun, Junho, Junsu, Wooyoung, Taecyon and Chansung. They are still part of 2pm. As for the hottest fans, don't lose hope. Let's pray that Jaebum will come back because we will miss those hot body and his not-so-fluent korean language which is so funny and i love him for that.

TO continue in supporting our leader just go to this site. HERE

I will support 2pm no matter what. Go 2pm! Hwaiting~!


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