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Friday, July 31, 2009

2pm more pic on Wild Bunny @ BTS photo shoot

Here are some pictures on the Wild Bunny Episode 2 @ BTS photo shoot.

Junho Pic, or is it him? *nyaw~♥*

Jae on his "Y" pose! Hawt~♥

Wooyoung blending on wall. Nyahaha!!! still he is cute~♥

And Oh yeah! The Prince of all prince! Prince of Thailand and Prince of my heart. Nichkhun~♥!
I was like spazzing out looking @ this pic. So hottie. ~♥

**Credits - isarah @ soompi**

Who sang better in the song Nothing better? Khun(2pm), St. Day, Seulong(2am) or Jonghyun(SHINee)

We've seen 2PM's Nichkhun, 2AM's Seulong, and Shinee's Jong Hyun perform Brown Eyed Soul's 'Nothing Better' before. This time, let's switch it up and let rookie artist St. Day give it a go! Check it out:

St. Day's version:

**credit - Mardi09**

Khun's(2pm) version:

**Credits - 2pm**

Seolung's{2am) version:

**Credits - music3chick**

Jonghyun(SHINee) version:

**Credits - fudgecandy**

Please cast your votes located on the above right hand of the page and choose who sang better. I know that there are more 2pm and shinee fans out there but considering the skills of some other singers will be much appreciated.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

2pm Jaebom's Highest vote for "Whose male idol group member has the best body?"

The candidates of this were:


Firstly for 2PM, the ‘team’s sexy guy’ JaeBum is known for his good built. Also known as an exercise-maniac, JaeBum has toned out a good body through exercising and acrobatic training. Especially for his chocolate 6 packs, he has a special trainer to build them up to a music built.

Next Dong Bang Shin Ki member UKnow YunHo has also received great reviews from fans about his built. He sticks with the toned and lean built which is very much amplified through his powerful and charismatic dance steps on stage.

2AM SeulOng and Big Bang SeungRi are some of the younger members coming out to show off their built this summer, being very successful in changing their image to the sexy image.

Seeing these muscles and great built, netizens say, “It just feel like a man”, “The face and their great sexiness (not over doing it) is their charms” etc.

Here is the votes ( from korean ):

1. 2PM JaeBum - 63%
2. DBSK UKnow YunHo - 26%
3. Big Bang SeungRi - 7%
4. 2AM SeulOng - 4%

**Credit - sookyeong @ kbites and ncly @ soompi**

2pm Nichkhun @ Siam Paragon World Watch & Jewelry 2009 [PIC]

Here are some pictures of Nichkhun @ Siam Paragon World Watch & Jewelry Fashion show:

More pictures also available here.

**Credits - 2pm-online.com and Nofa @ soompi**

2pm Khun's childhood pics - kawaii~♥

here are some cute pictures of Nichkhun since he was a kid. This was released maybe because of his commercial on Let's Take a Break. But thanks to it, and some guyz who posted it. Thanks a lot.

Here is some statements from the site where Khun expresses his story when he was a child.:

“My happiness and excitement”
Sawad dee krup, I am Khun Nichkhun Horvejkul.
I am right now working as an artist and a regular MC for TV shows. My leisure times are spent with friends exercising, working on our dance, playing piano and my favorite activity of all time, traveling. I remember vividly when I was younger how much I would enjoy to travel with my family. Here is my story.
My family is a real travel lover. When we all could spear a free time, we travel, no waiting for holidays, or weekends. Back then, we used one family car to travel fully packed with all the family members, dad, mum, brother, sister and of course myself. We also sometimes called up our relatives to join the trip. I as a little boy loved so much to sit on my mother’s lap in the car and fell asleep. It was an overwhelming secured feeling that I will never forget.
For a few day trip, we would go to somewhere nearby Bangkok such as Hua-hin, Cha-um, Chan bu-ri and Ra-yong. Only a small distance was made but the experience we achieved was not at all small. Those places provide nature of mountains, waterfall and ocean. It was such a fulfilling moment. I enjoyed so much in the water.


My mum said ”To feel the surrounding natures is another great way to be educated, to be acknowledged and to be accompanied” The food around the areas is also plentiful. We got our regular restaurants and our regular dishes at every stop. After meals, we always ended up walking about at the local markets. To me, it is relishing. There are so many interesting unseen things to see and plenty of food to taste. Different places have different products and that is why to me it never gets boring until now.

The memories of the trips around Thailand are too inspiring to forget. Me and my family has been traveling to every part of Thailand, northern, southern, middle and northeast. I was amazed with all the places we have been to. They are promising you the best of them. There are millions of the reasons why you should go out and experience what I have experienced, to see what I have seen. Thailand has every kind of tourism, ecological, adventuring, sight seeing and many more! It is transportation-wise convenient and indeed economical! This website provides all the informations of must-go locations in Thailand. Please do let me know where you have gone to already, I certainly would like to hear. May be I would bump into you one day, you will never know. See you
With his parents. Kawaii`♥

**Credits - nichkhunbreak.com+bestiz and eija @ soompi**

Well Khun's family really traveled a lot *as said above*. It's really a touching moment to have bonding with your family. Glad to hear that Khun really loves his mom and also his family. It's really fun when you and your family travel together, as for me, we really travel also at some times when there are events or weekends when I was a child, we also have this family car where we put all our things for the travel, actually we travel mostly to beaches and highlands. It's really nice to have fun together with my family. We also travel to my Father's birthplace which is so far and makes our traveling so much fun ( I really do love long travels before ) because long travels really have this bonding moment like talking with each other talking about those funny moments happened and sometimes we eat at the car with the groceries we bought before we head out for the travel. It's really so much fun traveling. To be one with nature, to escape from reality, to breathe fresh air. Such nostalgic for me when me and my friends go out on a trip. I really do miss traveling together with my family. But maybe it's not the time for us to go on a trip together. Now, there are some to be prioritized. I do believe in a saying that "Tomorrow never dies". I really do hope that traveling with my family together will be the next thing that will be marked as my very memorable moment of my life.

Such inspiration Nichkhun was to me. I really remembered those days traveling together with my family. Thanks to that. Like I'm having a teary eyes remembering that. *sob* But it's a good thing though. Thanks so much for an inspiration Nichkhun. Bunch of thanks. *^_^~♥*


2pm Won @ MC Only One Song July 30, 2009

Yay! A very big round of applause for 2pm for winning @ MC. Their competitor is SNSD and their song Tell Me Your Wish. It was a very close fight though but 2pm Won! Congratulations guyz! Keep it up~♥!

The Scores:
2PM - 962.6
SNSD - 956.3

Here is the vid:

**Credits - yanaftwtwo @ youtube**

2pm Khun's Take a Break commercial

Here are some pics of the commercial where Nichkhun is featured
**Credits - bestiz and klt @ soompi**
Here is the link where you can watch in full the commercial:

2PM - Nichkhun's Let's Take a Break

*Credits - symbelmyns @ youtube*

So Kawaii for Nichkhun promoting his homeland. Imma like going to take a break there if Khun will really take a break there.*daydreaming* ~

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2pm Wild Bunny Episode 2 ENG SUBS

Here are all the parts of Wild Bunny Episode 2 With English Sub:

Episode 2 (1/5) w/ ENG SUB
Episode 2 (2/5) w/ ENG SUB
Episode 2 (3/5) w/ ENG SUB
Episode 2 (4/5) w/ ENG SUB

Episode 2 (5/5) w/ ENG SUB

**Credits - time2sub2**

Thanks a bunch the time2sub2 for the fast subbing of all the parts. thanks thanks thanks~!

Here are some caps from the episode.:

This is what I literally call "L.O.L." nyahah! Love the laugh of Junho. So baby-like. nyahah~!

"watcha-lookin' at" look by Junsu xD

Wooyoung's picture perfect photo shoot. The White Child. Nyahaha~♥!

Baby Junho. Kawaii desu ne~♥

My Favorite part. When they were chased by their manager. I really LOLled at this.

**Credits - seafood @ soompi**

[2pm] Celebs are obsessed with 2PM

As I was browsing allkpop, i found this topic which some Celebs like Solbi, Lee Hyori, Yoona ( SNSD ) and other celebs were like sharing their obsession to the 2pm.

Celebs are Obsessed with 2pm

The popularity of idol group 2PM has skyrocketed since their debut on September 2008, thanks to hit songs like "10 Out of 10" and "Again & Again", as well as appearances on variety shows, where they openly displayed their dorky yet lovable personalities. Mnet's first episode of Wild Bunny led to an overwhelming response from viewers and off the chart ratings.

People just can't seem to get enough of these seven cuties, and that includes even celebrities. See what stars like Lee Hyori, Solbi, and Chaeyeon have been saying about the current darlings of k-pop:

“2PM is the general trend now. I am obsessed with them these days.”
-Singer Lee Hyori on MBC Come to Play

“Before HaHa, who’s in the army right now, comes back, I want to go on a secret date with 2PM’s Jaebeom.”
-Broadcaster Ahn Hye Kyung on MBC Come to Play

“Singer Lee Soo Young is currently obsessed with 2PM, so whenever they come on TV, she goes up and touches the screen.”
-Comedian Park Kyung Lim on KBS Happy Together

“Whenever I see 2PM these days, my heart momentarily shakes.”
-Singer Chaeyeon on KBS Star Golden Bell

“When I think about their looks, I like 2PM’s Nichkhun.”
-Singer Yoona of Girls' Generation/SNSD on KBS Champagne

“2PM’s Nichkhun is the first celebrity I went up to first and begged to take a picture together.”
-Singer Solbi on Mnet Ice Princess

“If 2PM’s Nichkhun asks me to marry him, I would say yes right away.”
-Announcer Park Eun Young on KBS Yuhyoomanman


When asked what they attribute their popularity to, leader Jaebeom answered, "We have no typical style like other idol groups, and I think we appeal to fans by not worrying about our individual images and just playing, talking, and dancing as we feel like it on stage. It seems like our fans call us ‘animal idols’ because of our barbaric personalities."

Fellow member Junsu replied, "I think there are a lot of fans who like us for directly saying things and just saying everything we want to say on shows." Thailand-American member Nichkhun added, "I feel like that’s why the fans think we're sexier."

And sexy they most certainly are. Out of the celebrity comments, I definitely relate to Chaeyeon's comment the most. Oh, 2PM...you make our hearts sh-sh-shake.

**Credits - allkpop.com**

Even celebs are really obsessed to them. Like Park Eun Young said that if Nichkhun will ask to marry her she will eventually and immediately say YES, I will also do that if I were SO LUCKY enough to be asked like that by Khun~. By thinking of it, it's super impossible but we never can tell destiny, *kekekeke* just jokin`. I know that not only me only Love Khun but all those fan out there who wants a piece of him. *^_^* .

2pm are popular now in Korea and even in other countries, hope that they will visit here in the Philippines. I think it's not that they are not yet so popular here but what if they try it out. I just want to see them in person. Like me and my friend are planning to go to Korea but that will happen on the long run, by the way i'm still a student with not enough allowance to travel abroad *sob*. But I will not give up for that, I will earn money and save it to go to Korea and go to JYP. I don't know if there are so much people there 'cause there are so many fans of 2pm and other fans from other groups as well. Hope that I can meet them in person and if that will happen, I will be the Most Happiest Person that lived. *Exagg? Yeah I think so, kekeke* But if that really will happen, I don't know what will be my reaction. Maybe I will jump off a building, I will not sleep for a month, or I will not go back to the Philippines (if I will meet them in Korea) not knowing that I don't have any money anymore, or kill myself immediately. Oh my! I don't know what will really be my reaction for that. Weeeeeeee! Can't wait though~!

Go 2pm! Go for the Gold! Hoping that this will be seen by JYP or some that are connected to JYP's (very much hoping*crossing fingers*) Requesting to see 2pm in person. ayee~ I know that this is super duper to the highest level impossible but trying it will not destroy one's life. ayt~

Go 2pm~! Hwaiting~

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2pm Photo shoot @ Wild bunny episode 2

Here are the pics from their photo shoot during the Wild Bunny Episode 2. Hope You Like and Love it 'cause I really love them too~

Khun's~♥ Pic:
My Favorite of all!!~♥
Wooyoung's pic:
Chansung's pic:
Junsu's pic:
Jaebom's pic:

**Credits - klt @ soompi**