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Monday, July 6, 2009

My remedy when boredom strikes. Photoshop!!!

Yes, boredom strikes yesterday. But my friend Karen introduced me to photoshop and a tutorial in making a floral violin. At first, I find it very hard to understand the steps but as I further read it and do it, I somehow finished one but I cannot appreciate it because the pic I saved has a very low quality that's why my finished artwork also has low quality. My finished artwork shown below.:


But I edited it this morning and I can say that I improved.


And with that, I add a picture of Nichkhun from 2pm.

violin wid nich

I'm so proud that somehow I improved a little. I will going to study more about Photoshop because now i'm not studying. I will now first focus on editing pics as boredom will strike me back again. Till here. Ciao~


Kawen-chan said...

That's not bad for a newbie.
First, improve on how you extract your render. :)
Actually, I was surprised when I scrolled down for your 2nd trial. It came out pretty well.

Lester said...

ayee. thank you very much. ^_^

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