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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2pm Wild Bunny Episode 2 [RAW]

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Episode 2 is out!! But still in RAW ( still no english subs *sob* ). Here are the links for Wild Bunny Episode 2:

Episode 2 (1/5)
Episode 2 (2/5)
Episode 2 (3/5)
Episode 2 (4/5)
Episode 2 (5/5)

**Credits - yanaftwtwo **

Yeah! At every parts I was really laughing. The episode has been packed with funny scenes. Even though it has no subs but still I couldn't help myself to laugh. It's soo funny that I cracked up. On the first part of the episode, Jay, Chansung and Taek were in the NB2 club. They were having fun. While Khun, Junsu, Wooyoung and Junho were busy looking for them in the bars. There was a part where Khun was so tired and somewhat angry but still he is well damn cute~! When they were being regroup in the van they were all sleeping. They arrived at a school ( i don't know if it was a school *kekeke* ) and Jay was like practicing his driving skills which was somewhat satisfying for the group. After that, they were shocked that a taxi stopped behind their van and in to their surprise, the man that came out from the taxi was their Manager and they were all like shocked. Taek was trying to get in the van but Junsu was closing it and Khun run his way out and also Chansung. They were all funny like their manager was also chasing them around and Wooyoung, Junho and Junso (who was inside the van) are escaping leaving the others behind. It was soo funny because Khun, Taek and Chansung were caught by their manager. Well, my summarized story ends here. It's up to you to WATCH and Finish the part.

P.S. the very funny and hawt part was on their Photo shoot. And The hottest poise you'll ever seen (from Nichkhun-oppa~ so hawt!!! really~! and others~)

To the subbing team, hoping that you'll sub them. Go team2sub2! You can do it!

Special thanks to yanaftwtwo for sharing the Video. Lots of thanks and love~!


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