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Sunday, July 12, 2009

SNSD - Tell me your wish Live performance 07/12/09

**Credits* prot0980

I was just scrolling and scanning to prot0908's channel and found this vid of SNSD. I just posted it here because I love their beautiful faces. Wishing I was just like them, beautiful... Ayee~♥ (*_*). Back to the topic!! I just love them. That's all. *keke~♥

They are soo cute!! Promise! Especially my favorite Tiffany! She' s so adorable, pretty and perfect! They are all pretty too but I really like Tiffany so much. Love their outfit. So Red, lots of red even their shoes are red. Love the choreo. I just like their prettiness and cuteness. For me, their beauty is really like a genie for the boys. They are so pretty that boys would love to love them like chocolates.


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