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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Photoshop. Key to Boredom

Another boring day for me and I was trying to sleep but as I was opening my computer, I just remembered that I have something to finish and it was Adobe. I was scanning for some tutorials and I found one. It was the beverage ad enhancer. The photo I did is shown below.

Photobucket .

The site for the tutorial - click here.

After that, I was thinking of creating another type of photo manipulation. And I was scanning and I found the tutorial for adding colorful glowing effects in a text. At first, it was really really hard understanding the steps but I didn't gave up. I tried and tried to understand and somehow I've come up with the result and it is shown below.


It is still not that perfect. I am somewhat proud of myself for doing this and I found my works a satisfying one.

For the tutorial in colorful glowing text. Click here.

Here are some photos I've edited out of being bored.



And I will still add more when boredom strikes again. ayt~ Till Here`


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