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Thursday, July 23, 2009

2pm and Shinee Photos [July 24,2009] @ Choi Hwang Jung's Power time

2pm and SHINee




*Credits - mostiz and traceyng111 @ soompi**

whew. updates for 2pm photos.

the photos were shocking really. I didn't thought of Shinee and 2pm being together in a radio show but it must be really awesome and fun when they are together because I find the 2 groups so friendly and they sure get along with each other. I didn't forget about the Minho and Nichkhun couple in the episode of Idol army. They were really funny and I was cracking myself up when I watched that episode. So hilarious.

Anyway, Wooyoung pic is like he had taken the pic after waking up or something. Seems like he has no make up at all. Still he is very well damn cute. That cheeks with *poison* *kekeke^^* And Chansung's pic is also like Wooyoung's. Junsu's pic rather taken perfectly for him.

Thanks to mostiz and traceyng111 for the photos. Kudos to both of you. *^_^* Hope I can get more updates from both of you. Lots of love guyz. Keep it coming.

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