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Friday, July 10, 2009

2pm Hate You and sHINee Juliette on Music Bank [HQ]

2PM - Hate You

*Credits* prot0980

2pm performing their popular song "Hate You" on Music bank. It seems in the vid that they are so exhausted because there performance are not that good. Khunnie's voice crack *sob* at 1:31 and taec's glasses at 2:12. I didn't see some happy thing on their faces with their performance maybe because they are so exhausted from their previous performance. But somehow I will give them a round of applause for finishing it without further problems and ending it with a flawless poise. They are still HOT even when they are so tired. Love those eyeliners! Get some rest guyz!! Even my Khunnie. Get some rest and I will still support you guyz! Still loving 2pm and my khunnie~♥ ! Hwaiting. ~ ♥♥ !!

Shinee - Juliette

*Credits* prot0980

Whew! Watching this vid is like a blast from the past. I was like IN to Shinee before and still loving them now but not that much but I still love Minho that is. Minho-oppa~♥!! Anyways, their performance are great! They still got those awesome, sexy, and slick dance moves. Taemin's dance is still sexy, Onew's voice is so manly, Jonghyun's shout, Minho's Flaming hot charisma still burning, Key's Blonde hair! *whoa*! I was like loving them back again, like what the old saying says "history repeats itself". Love their outfit. Skinny jeans of Taemin which makes him very thin, The good thing is that they didn't follow the outfit on their MV 'cause I really didn't like their outfit on their MV. Also, I love their new hairstyle, especially Onew and Minho. It adds to their HOTness. Go shinee!! Hwaiting~♥!!


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