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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2pm Wild Bunny Episode 1 With english subs [UPDATED]

At very last! The very very thing that all fans of 2pm are waiting. The Wild bunny episodes with english subs in High Definition. I was really shocked that the episode has now all the parts has subs and with a High Definition Resolution. Thanks to 2oneday from team time2sub! Kudos to them. Lots of love~♥! Well I can now understand the episode and I was really cracking up while watching the vid. It really was a hilarious one. Really makes my day. For all those who wants the Episode 1 with English Subs, here are the links to the vid. Hope you like it. ^________^

Episode 1 (1/5) [Eng Subs]
Episode 1 (2/5) [Eng Subs]
Episode 1 (3/5) [Eng Subs]
Episode 1 (4/5) [Eng Subs]
Episode 1 (5/5) [Eng Subs]

Whew. The Episode is epic. Really love them so much. The natural dorkiness of 2pm's makes me laugh. Super! Especially at the part when they called their manager and Wooyoung was talking about his cheeks, here is the line where I was talking about..

Woo Young : "Hyung, because of my chubby cheeks, I look cute, right ?"
Woo Young : "Inside of it... there's poison !!!"

LOL!! I was super laughing at that!! Also Khunnie had this request when he also was talking to his manager. Here is the line...

Khun : "Also, stop forcing me to wink".
Junho : "Yeah, Khun hyung is not a wink vending machine !"

Actually all of them talked to their manager before implementing their plan. It was super funny though. I was really laughing throughout the episode. I really appreciate the 2oneday for that fast subbing of the parts of episode 1. Lots of thanks and love guyz~♥!! Keep it up!!


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