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Sunday, July 19, 2009

2pm I Hate You song @ inkigayo July 19, 2009

**Credits - prot0980**

ayee~!!♥♥ 2pm is performing again at inkigayo today! Still love them and always.! Love the song, and the singers! Their performance is getting hotter and hotter. Nichkhunnie-oppa still has this nice voice, *it didn't crack THANK GOD~!*. Jaebom's dance steps still burnin' on the dancefloor. Junso's charm towards the fan still rockin'. Oh yeah and Taec's performance soo flawless, love it now *kiss~♥* ayee~!. The sexy dance at 2:23 - 2:33 is so hawt!! They really show the 6 of them do the sexy moves. YEAH!! Love it! Love my Khunnie-oppa~♥ Wooyoung-oppa~♥!! Love them both and love their group. Lots of love *kiss~♥*

Oh yeah special thanks to prot0980 for the vid. Thanks Prot for uploading. Lots of love and kisses! Keep it up!


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