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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2pm Wild Bunny Episode 1

At last! Here it is! The episode that the 2pm fans that they have been waiting for. The Wild Bunny Episode.

The Wild Bunny Episode is a reality show where the 2pm can go out like other teenagers do but there are certain rules to follow. The must sneak out at night, the manager must not know that they are sneaking out until the sun rises, the PD's only know that they are sneaking and they are the ones that making some schedules for them.

Only part 1 of episode 1 has only the english subs but I will not stop searching and searching for the english subs for all the parts of the episodes. I didn't understand the episode but it is really funny esp. Wooyoung who is really naturally cute and somewhat dorky. I only saw episode 1 part 1, it;s super funny! They are really super funny. It's just so natural of them to act and I LOVE IT. Hope to see more of them and Hope that I will get some english subs for the other parts. 2pm hwaiting~♥! WooYoung-oppa and Nickhunnie-oppa Saranghae~♥!

Here are the Link for the 2pm Wild Bunny Episodes:

EPISODE 1 (1/4) w/ eng subs
EPISODE 1 (2/4)
EPISODE 1 (3/4)
EPISODE 1 (4/4)

**Credits - yanaftwtwo for the videos @ Youtube

Here is also another eng sub version of Episode 1 part 1:

Episode 1 (1/5)

**Credits - time2sub2 from team time2sub**

P.S.- I'll upload the another parts of this epi because for me it is way understandable than the links above. The links above are RAW episodes. It means that it has yet no subs except the first part over there but somehow hard to understand ( no offense though for the translator *^_^* )


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