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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ice Age 3: My Review

Whew! Ice age 3 was packed with surprises! It was really funny like me and my friends laugh like every scene of the movie. Your money will really be worth it watching the movie. It has lots of funny scene and some romantic moments with Scrat the quirrel with a girl squirrel. Like they were just fighting for the acorn but they soon realized that they love each other and they leave the acorn behind. And for that, the acorn has this Emo side and like it was jealous to the two squirrels. I was so laughing that time like it was so very unexpected to see that. Like I never saw that one coming. It was full of funny surprises. I just recommend this to all the movie fan and Ice Age fan.

Ice Age 3 Pictures, Images and Photos

I really recommend this movie for everybody, in any ages. You can have a smile in your face after watching this movie and also it can forget your problems (for the meantime) at least. It has no age limit and it is really for the entire family.

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