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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

[2pm] Celebs are obsessed with 2PM

As I was browsing allkpop, i found this topic which some Celebs like Solbi, Lee Hyori, Yoona ( SNSD ) and other celebs were like sharing their obsession to the 2pm.

Celebs are Obsessed with 2pm

The popularity of idol group 2PM has skyrocketed since their debut on September 2008, thanks to hit songs like "10 Out of 10" and "Again & Again", as well as appearances on variety shows, where they openly displayed their dorky yet lovable personalities. Mnet's first episode of Wild Bunny led to an overwhelming response from viewers and off the chart ratings.

People just can't seem to get enough of these seven cuties, and that includes even celebrities. See what stars like Lee Hyori, Solbi, and Chaeyeon have been saying about the current darlings of k-pop:

“2PM is the general trend now. I am obsessed with them these days.”
-Singer Lee Hyori on MBC Come to Play

“Before HaHa, who’s in the army right now, comes back, I want to go on a secret date with 2PM’s Jaebeom.”
-Broadcaster Ahn Hye Kyung on MBC Come to Play

“Singer Lee Soo Young is currently obsessed with 2PM, so whenever they come on TV, she goes up and touches the screen.”
-Comedian Park Kyung Lim on KBS Happy Together

“Whenever I see 2PM these days, my heart momentarily shakes.”
-Singer Chaeyeon on KBS Star Golden Bell

“When I think about their looks, I like 2PM’s Nichkhun.”
-Singer Yoona of Girls' Generation/SNSD on KBS Champagne

“2PM’s Nichkhun is the first celebrity I went up to first and begged to take a picture together.”
-Singer Solbi on Mnet Ice Princess

“If 2PM’s Nichkhun asks me to marry him, I would say yes right away.”
-Announcer Park Eun Young on KBS Yuhyoomanman


When asked what they attribute their popularity to, leader Jaebeom answered, "We have no typical style like other idol groups, and I think we appeal to fans by not worrying about our individual images and just playing, talking, and dancing as we feel like it on stage. It seems like our fans call us ‘animal idols’ because of our barbaric personalities."

Fellow member Junsu replied, "I think there are a lot of fans who like us for directly saying things and just saying everything we want to say on shows." Thailand-American member Nichkhun added, "I feel like that’s why the fans think we're sexier."

And sexy they most certainly are. Out of the celebrity comments, I definitely relate to Chaeyeon's comment the most. Oh, 2PM...you make our hearts sh-sh-shake.

**Credits - allkpop.com**

Even celebs are really obsessed to them. Like Park Eun Young said that if Nichkhun will ask to marry her she will eventually and immediately say YES, I will also do that if I were SO LUCKY enough to be asked like that by Khun~. By thinking of it, it's super impossible but we never can tell destiny, *kekekeke* just jokin`. I know that not only me only Love Khun but all those fan out there who wants a piece of him. *^_^* .

2pm are popular now in Korea and even in other countries, hope that they will visit here in the Philippines. I think it's not that they are not yet so popular here but what if they try it out. I just want to see them in person. Like me and my friend are planning to go to Korea but that will happen on the long run, by the way i'm still a student with not enough allowance to travel abroad *sob*. But I will not give up for that, I will earn money and save it to go to Korea and go to JYP. I don't know if there are so much people there 'cause there are so many fans of 2pm and other fans from other groups as well. Hope that I can meet them in person and if that will happen, I will be the Most Happiest Person that lived. *Exagg? Yeah I think so, kekeke* But if that really will happen, I don't know what will be my reaction. Maybe I will jump off a building, I will not sleep for a month, or I will not go back to the Philippines (if I will meet them in Korea) not knowing that I don't have any money anymore, or kill myself immediately. Oh my! I don't know what will really be my reaction for that. Weeeeeeee! Can't wait though~!

Go 2pm! Go for the Gold! Hoping that this will be seen by JYP or some that are connected to JYP's (very much hoping*crossing fingers*) Requesting to see 2pm in person. ayee~ I know that this is super duper to the highest level impossible but trying it will not destroy one's life. ayt~

Go 2pm~! Hwaiting~


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