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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Boredom Strikes! photoshop it is..


Another day of boredom striking me again. With that, I edit a picture of Dara From 2ne1 and added some glowing effects on it. It's kinda fun for me editing pictures like adding glowing effects, adding some shadow effects, adding gradient colors. It helps me to become creative but yet somehow I couldn't see that my creativity is approving because according to my friend that my works are just like being done by a paint application. *hmmmm* its kinda hurtful for my part because I tried my best to do to make it more satisfying but I cannot convince people for my artwork, and for that comment from a friend I'll just accept it as what do we call as a "complement".

with my design shown above, Dara is from a girl group called 2ne1 which is very popular in Korea with their popular songs like I Don't Care which is very popular that I listen to it every time I visit youtube or my blog site. Dara is my fave from their group because of her being dorky. She is very natural with her actions which makes her very bubbly and beautiful. I like her now because she really improved so much like she's more beautiful than before.

Till here. I'm still going to post some artworks of mine when boredom strikes again. aye~♥!

Dara ~♥! Hwaiting~♥!


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