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Sunday, July 12, 2009

2pm Live Performance 07/12/09 My total view and reaction

**Credits* - prot0980

Alas! What I really call perfect performance. They really nailed it now unlike when they performed on the Music Bank dated last July 11, 2009, yesterday. They really had done a very good job. Khunnie's voice didn't crack and Taec has no problem in taking out his glasses. The fans like's Junsu's act at 0:30 and 1:40. Also the sexy dance between 2:23-25. Jaebeom was focused during the sexy dance. Ayee~♥!

I really loved their performance because it turn out good. Love their serious faces, especially Nichkhun-oppa♥. Junsu's performance also rock the fans heart. All of them did a very good job. Although my friend told me that they look so tired and everything but for me they really did a good job and I really give them my warm kiss~♥ ayee Joke!! I will totally give them my warm round of applause and give lots of love to them~♥. Hwaiting~♥!!

In these vid, I saw some comments about 2pm being "do-not-have-an-originality" thing because they just see that 2pm are just copying Big Bang. Like hello! Big Bang are so like way much older than 2pm. 2pm are just starting their way to Stardome. It's so unfair for them to compare 2pm to Big Bang. Of course there are what you call GAP from both of them but Big Bang started way back before 2pm entered the industry. We all know that Big Bang is way much popular than 2pm, it's obvious to see that of course, it's just that 2pm are just performing the best to be also just like them not literally like them like copying everything but as "Popular" as them. I'm not against Big bang but i'm against to those who are being dumb to compare them both. It's so obvious. I just reacted to that comment I saw. And for that I really express my feelings. *thanks*.

Special thanks to prot0980 for the vid. Lots of love my friend~ ^o^ ~♥


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