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Thursday, July 9, 2009

2ne1 I Don't Care MV is OUT! wee!!

I Don't Care MV of 2ne1 is now out! The MV is so cool. Park Bom is so pretty. Yay! They are very cool in their song. So here is the vid of 2ne1 I Don't Care.

The song rocks. They really did a good job. I just focused on Park Bom and Dara. They are so pretty in the vid. I really appreciate the choreo and the scenes. I really like Dara's dorkiness in the vid. It fits her so well. I like Minzy's cute dance steps. Love her hair, her voice, her moves, her everything~ saranghae Minzy-unnie~♥! Also love CL's rap, she has attitude in rapping like in her rap the "Bad girl" really rapped "Bad". *^_^* Don't forget Bom! ayee! She's soo pretty like a doll. Love her voice, so cute like i'm imitating her voice but too bad I can't *sob*. I love their combination, Minzy's cuteness, Dara's dorkiness, CL's bad-ass attitude[when rapping and singing ^_^] and Bom's doll face and cute voice!! Perfect for a girl group~♥!

It gives me goosebumps when I look at their song. It's really really good and makes me sang with it even though I don't know how to speak korean but i'm trying to sang it with my friend who also a very avid fan of 2ne1. It's really like i'm turning also an avid fan because I really love their songs, really. It's like a hobby that when I turn on my computer and visit straight to my blog site just to hear their song. My brother is like so irritated when I will be on the computer 'cause I keep playing the song and keeps telling me that i'm stupid 'cause i'm also singing it like I just replied "whatever!". It's so addicting listening to it. ayeee~! Go 2ne1!! Hwaiting~♥!

You can also download the song. You can click HERE.

*Credits - YGladies for the vid and the Download link. Love their song!! Go 2ne1!!! Hwaiting~!


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