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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nickhun and Minho together in a Show called Idol Army

Totally!! That's the perfect term for Nichkhun.


He is one of the Best Cute guy I've ever seen since 3 months ago. hehehe. Because it was like 3 or 4 months ago, I was like into Minho from Shinee because of his Flaming Hot Charisma and Sexy dancesteps. Thanks to my very good friend Kawen-chan for introducing this Cute guy to me.

According to what i've heard and seen on websites about Nichkhun is that he is half thai and half chinese. I couldn't believe that Khun actually is not a pure bred korean because of his appearance but it is actually the truth. As what I have seen on youtube, Khun is quite popular. I saw him first at a show called Star King which he imitates some expressions which is very Kawaii~!! It was then that I fall for his cuteness. After watching that video, it came like it was an addiction to watch every video that Khun was featured. The video that I REALLY like was when 2pm and Shinee were the guest in some show call Idol army which is very quite unusual because in that show, in the group 2pm, they must choose whom they will give their flower to one of the Shinee, while Shinee was show off a song or dance and dedicate it to one of the 2pm group. The funny thing on that vid is that when it was Nichkhun-oppa's turn to choose and I was shocked that he knows how to dance the Replay by Shinee. After dancing he then gives the flower to Minho, and to that I was really shocked! Like I was super shocked that my mouth opened and so speechless then I giggled like i'm going to be crazy or something. Like it was really a coincidence that Nichkhun choosed Minho for which the two are my favorite and most admirable guys. I didn't saw that one coming. After that giving of flowers, the host saw that there is some kind of spark happening around them and the host actually gave them a challenge or I don't know if it was a challenge because the two of them was going to Wink at each other. It was like the Very CUTE ever Wink i've ever seen! It's so CUTE that I really have to laugh or roll or shout like "gaaaahh~!" Whew! To shorten all this, that episode was really was the best i've seen, and the cutest, in my life where two of which I admire the most was in one show.

Here are the links of the episode where SHINee is the guest in their show.:

Idol Army Episode 14 Part 1
Idol Army Episode 14 Part 2
Idol Army Episode 14 Part 3
Idol Army Episode 14 Part 4
Idol Army Episode 14 Part 5

Nickhun Minho Pictures, Images and Photos
The Wink of my Two crushes!! Ayee! Kawaii~ !!!!!!

Well. . this is it for now. hehe. and for that. . Nickhun-oppa Fighting~!!!


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