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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Natalie White: known as Pumashock in YouTube. You Go Girl!

My Inspiration for my goal is none other than Ms. Natalie White!! It was a shock for me to see and hear such performance singing Korean songs. It was really a very good sign that its really possible to learn Korean. Because I was being introduced by my friend to a website that teaches Korean language and It was very hard learning that way. By looking and listening to the videos and covers of Ms. Natalie White, my goal in learning Korean language and going to Korea can be at reach in the future. I was inspired by the songs that she remixed like Nobody by Wondergirls and other korean songs which she remixed it and made it more comfortable to listen to. Also she sang Gee by SNSD which is an acoustic type of it and it really sounds good, plus she really did a much better video with her smooth and angelic voice. Below is the example of the song Gee from SNSD.

But with that song, there was an issue about racism that I saw on YouTube. The issue talks about Kim Taeyeon being a racist. And it also talks about the reaction of Ms. Taeyeon on the video about Pumashock's remix of their song Gee. The video of that is shown below.

It was then that its really so obvious for her to react in that way. But for me, not by being judgemental or what, is that I can't conclude that she is being a racist or what, maybe for some reason it was just merely a misunderstanding because we all know that showbiz has full of intrigues that are mostly from misunderstandings. I really can't say about me being against to SNSD or being a Pro Natalie in this kind of issue, I just don't want anything to get this issue big. I'm just stating my side on what I reacted on such. And there is nothing wrong with Ms. Natalie Brown's Remix of Gee.

Anywayz, I also saw some videos that Ms. Natalie was being featured at the Star King Episodes. I was like having total "whaa~!??" to that. You are very very lucky to be there!!! Being with Nichkhun ~! And others. In that episode, Ms. Natalie was really very nice and jolly. I envied her actually but because of her hardwork and talent that was clearly shown on YouTube (which was VERY OUTSTANDING) that led her to be a guest in that show. Well, me and my friend are planning to have some performance like dancing Nobody from Wondergirls and hoping that we will going to take a video of it and upload in YouTube. Ayee~!

All I can say for Ms. Natalie White a.k.a "Pumashock" is that YOU GO GIRL!! Pursue your dream and I will support you. And you know that I was really VERY much jealous about you because you were featured at Star King and met Nichkhun-oppa~! I hope that I can also meet him. Thanks for an inspiration Ms. Natalie. Keep going forward~! Fighting~!

*special thanks to YouTube for the videos and Pumashock for being my total inspiration. *


Kawen-chan said...

I love Natalie White! She rocks ~ :D All of her covers are just great. Can't wait for more.

Anonymous said...

can someone give video links in taeyeon's reaction about the video? all the video sites regarding this are dead.

Lezteer said...

oh sorry for that.. i didn't know it was already been dead.. i will look for another . sorry :D

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