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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tantra: Fair game?

A very question for some tantra players I've met ingame. It's also a question for me.

I really wondered if it was really a fair gameplay for us tantra players. At first, I liked the game because I leveled up fast and I can reach the goal in reaching max level. But then as time goes by, the game seems to be or should I say a corrupt one because there are implemented rules in game that all cheaters that are being banned can be unbanned by paying 500 pesos. I can say that it's very unfair for us who are playing fairly in game. It is very very much unfair. Some of the players quit because of that what they call "Amnesty program" in which, as I said earlier, that all banned characters will be unbanned when paying an amount of 500 php, which is really unfair. With that implemented program, I just absorbed it and think that it will not affect my life playing it, but as I played it for a long time, I reflected somehow that why am I wasting my time and money playing this kind of game that it's pretty obvious that it's not totally fair, as like as my friends who are telling me to quit playing tantra because it has poor quality, not-that-so popular game anymore. And also, I observed that every thing can be done FAST when you have "Taney"(points in php like load), like GM's will entertain your problem but not that really as fast when you have what you call "Taney". Thankfully, with that, I really now quit for my own sake that it really bothers me so much that i'm playing such game, no offense with those who are really still playing it but I really had a hard time quitting.

And now I quitted this game, somehow there are regrets why I quit because there are some friends of mine in game always buzzes me through Yahoo Messenger that we will going to have leveling sessions and I really got jealous of some of my past party mates are now in their max levels. But I can't help it but to quit. Now, I'm focusing myself on how to focus my life into a very meaningful life. I'm not really saying that this game is not good for everyone but this is just my own view on what I can say about this game. No offense to those who are offended. Well, this is it for now. I was typing like im so tipsy. I just came back from an "inuman" session with a friend. I will not tell 'bout that because that's another story to tell.

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Kawen-chan said...

I don't like Tantra as much as I don't like you. wahahahahaha joke

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