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Monday, November 2, 2009

2pm new album release teaser.

Here is the teaser released and now official as the new album of 2pm.

i've been really waiting for this moment to come. The new release of their album. And also waiting for Jaebum to come back for us Hottest. The title really is for Jaebum. And also for us Hottest fans for waiting for Jaebum to comeback. I've been waiting for this moment and hoping that he will come back. I've been like not updated my blog for this reason. I really am depressed for like 5months since Jae left. Now, from a very good friend, i'm like super alive for seeing and listening to the teaser of the song. It's like my energy. But hey i'm glad that they are coming back with their new album. Hoping that I will see more of them. Everyday.


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