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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2pm Market CF Cut

Looking forward on viewing this CF of them. They look so hawt! Everybody is so hot. I envy the 2 girls giving brownies to them. I really love it. I love the scene there where Nickhun has this close up eating brownies together with Taec and i think that was Chansung. Nichkhun so sexy eating the brownies. I was drooling, spazzing, got lagged and everything that made my world stop. whew!!! hope to see more of Nichkhun's close up like that. whew!! shooo hawt! smexy! hmmm!! and Chansung's close up was not that I liked it but still maintaining his sexyness. Oh yeah, Taec eating brownies was like effortless. kekeke! lols. He's just like eating the brownies fully. Ooooh! the touching of Khun's abs was sooooo the hottest thing i've ever seen. I'm so jealous!! aweee *T_T*

Hoping to see it soon. Go Go 2pm! Hwaiting~♥!


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