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Thursday, November 19, 2009

2pm International Map Project by Lisa

I found this blog site which I really love. I love her project. This project are for Jay and for the 2pm. This is to show on how we love the 2pm!!! kekeke~♥

Lisa, the one who made this project real, made this as a gift of encouragement for Jay and also for the boys. She prepared to kind of maps for Jay and for the 2pm.

These are the maps that are going to be used for the project:

This map is for : i ♥ jay
This map is for: i ♥ 2pm

and the stickers are:

**Credits for the pics - wackycashew.wordpress.com**

What You Need To Do:

Email: wackeycashew@gmail.com
Subject: 2pm Map Project

Just fill out the following information and e-mail me. It’ll only take a few seconds. =P

Real First Name, Last Name:
Location (City, State/Province, Country):

Please note: If it’s a small city/town, put the closest big city. Otherwise, I can’t find it on the world map. XD If there’s no state/province in your country, then whatever the major regional division is will be fine. If there is no such thing, then just city + country will do. ^^

To protect your personal info, please DO NOT COMMENT here with your details. Please e-mail me. Thanks!!

For example:
Real First Name, Last Name: Mary Smith
Location (City, State/Province, Country): Toronto, Ontario, Canada

DEADLINE: Sunday, December 20, 2009

The deadline is tentative for now. I want to see what the response to the project is like. If possible, I’d like to send Jay’s around New Year’s because I will put things together during Christmas break. The 2PM one will be sent once I get the green light, but it’ll be later since I need to finish the Jay one first and I don’t know how long it’ll take until I get started. I will use the information that you submitted for both maps. ^^ If feasible, I might write out all the names + countries on the back of the maps. Still thinking about this, but covering the front with stickers will be my priority. The maps will be rolled up and sent in mailing tubes.

For More Info and Clarifications you can visit her
blog @ wackeycashew.wordpress.com or
email @ wackeycashew@gmail.com


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