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Friday, February 18, 2011

2pm and the Super Crazy fan

**Credits - kyungkohungyeon @ soompi
purplerose621 @ youtube**

Bahahahahhaahaha!! it's so totally insane! When I saw the vid, I was like BAHAHAHAHAHA! It's like I must be like that fan if I totally saw 2pm in person.. Like totally screaming and saying "Oppa" all the time and saying things like "You're so good-looking.." all compliments in the world! Well my comment for her is that I think it's her first time seeing 2pm in person. She has fuuuulll of energy like she's shouting to all of them. Shouting "OPPA OPPA OPPA!".. I imagined myself, "what if I will do the same as this girl did.." It's like totally embarrassing but to her it's a once in a lifetime moment so she Grabbed it.. :)) Maybe I'll do the same too but not so making a scene like that.. Mild only.. Like saying "Oppa" in a mild voice and telling them how good they look like.. :)

To 2pm: Fighting!! and Looking forward to see you in the future.. :)
To the fan: Congratulations for having autographs from 2pm and getting to see them in person. :)


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