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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

G-Dragon me2day update October 7, 2009

늦은밤미안~^^; 저도이제자려구누웠어요 너무가호사진만올린것같아서 작은서비스하나..ㅎ지금승리랑강심장이란예능프로를모니터했어요.승리가저보다낫네요ㅠ역시예능은힘들어ㅜ창피해라ㅎ저흰음악열심히할께요!ㅎ 그럼굿나잇^^
**Credits - jam07 @ soompi**

Im sorry if im bothering u this late~ ^^ Im lying on my bed right now to go to sleep soon! I think i uploaded too many photos of Gaho so this is my own little fan service. I just saw Seung Ri and Kang Shim Jang (Strong Heart), Seungri is way better than me T_T Getting used to entertainment progrm is just so hard T_T *embarassed* T will participate more on music!! Good night ^^
**Credits - ncly @ soompi**

whew! finally having the me2day update of G-Dragon.


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